Document Capture Version 6.0 – XML Import

With the release of Document Capture 6.00, Continia have released a brand new add-on module to handle XML documents.

The new XML Import module brings the possibility of handling electronic purchase invoices and credit memos while still using all the functionality of Document Capture.

Most of this functionality has until now been available in the separate solution e- Documents Import; however, with version 6.00 the importing of electronic documents is now merged into Document Capture.

Just like PDF documents in Document Capture, XML documents in the most common standard formats are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses or folders. All data is transferred from the imported file into the correct fields in Business Central. Compared to PDF documents, XML documents deliver unmatched accuracy in the details of all the data.

As standard, the new module supports the following file formats:

  • PEPPOL BIS 3 (International)
  • OIOUBL (Denmark)
  • OIOXML (Denmark)
  • UBL (International)
  • EHF (Norway)
  • SVEFAKTURA (Sweden)
  • EBINTERFACE (Austria)
  • XRECHNUNG (Germany)

However, if your company receives other types of XML files, it is easy to configure additional formats and add these to the catalog of formats.

With this module, you are ready to take invoice automation to the next level.

If you wish to upgrade your version of Document Capture to take advantage of this new functionality or are looking to add purchase document automation to your Dynamics NAV or Business Central implementation, then contact us now at Creative.

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