Discovery & Strategy

Understanding Your Requirements

Whenever you enter a project like implementing Business Central, it is imperative that your requirements as an organisation are understood. That’s why we at Creative put such an emphasis on the discovery and strategy stage, fully scoping out the project by adopting various exploratory methods. From providing questionnaires about your company to onsite interviews over a period of days, we leave no stone unturned.

Thorough Scoping

We look at your operations, your income types, your business expenditure, and what makes your organisation different. That insight is invaluable when we’re setting up the system for you.

It may be that you require something that’s not standard in the system. The scoping allows us to analyse that process and determine the best way to solve it, whether that’s an App already on the market or one that we can create for you.

Discovery Document

The discovery document that we produce outlines your requirements and is given to you to help both you and us deliver against those requirements, in the way that you envisaged them.

At the end of the scoping phase, you’ll also be fully aware of the project costs and sign off the project on all of the above factors.

Sometimes it takes a number of iterations of that scope document to really test everyone’s understanding, but it’s really worth it for the best end result.

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