Royalty reporting in Excel is time-consuming and too prone to human error. When your finances are dependent on fast and accurate reporting, you need royalty reporting software that you can trust. Just-ROYALTIES is that solution. This comprehensive business management solution allows you to run your entire finance and royalty statement production within a single solution. With effective royalty reporting software, you save time, resources, and most importantly, ensure that your data is always accurate and reliable. 

With our royalty reporting software, you’ll be able to create royalty statements in minutes, as opposed to weeks, and have all the relevant data in one convenient place. You’ll also be able to distribute statements quickly and consistently with a triggered self-billing invoice for the accounts team. With multi-platform capabilities, you’ll receive the same user experience no matter how you deploy – in the cloud, on-premises, or a little bit of both.


Improved Financial Visibility

With the clarity that Just-ROYALTIES provides, you’ll be able to make thoroughly informed business decisions, map financial information and performance in real-time and improve commitments accuracy by title.

Titles, Statements & Share Lines

Keep your intentions transparent with Just-ROYALTIES. With our royalty reporting software, all the relevant data for your titles, statements and share lines is in one place. That means you’ll be able to post your royalty ledger entries and calculate all future commitments with clarity.


Calculate, generate and distribute statements with just a few clicks in our royalty reporting software. When you create royalty statements, they're automatically submitted for approval before being distributed by email. For maximum reassurance, they’re also posted to create a self-billing order or invoice.

Title & Financial Reporting

Just-ROYALTIES provides an accessible, clear, real-time overview of profit and cash flow for each title and for the total of titles combined.


Just-ROYALTIES utilises automation, which removes the chance for human error and reduces the process of reporting from weeks down to minutes. When you’re saving that much time, you can afford to report on a much more regular basis and smooth out cash flow by avoiding lump payments. Royalty reporting software also ensures that you have clear data so you’re able to recoup upfront costs before paying out.

Effortless Automation

You’re not only able to calculate royalties for a given participant with Just-ROYALTIES. This fast and effective royalty reporting software allows you to effortlessly calculate and send your statements in one single automated process. By calculating your royalties from a financial system, you’re safeguarding both the accuracy and the integrity of your data. 

Who Is It For?

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Calculating a royalty share is easy with Just-ROYALTIES. So long as you can define the share line criteria and attribute a percentage against that line, you’ll have everything you need.

You can run a royalty statement calculation at any time in the period. Most companies run their statements twice yearly because the process is so time-consuming. As the process is so quick in Just-ROYALTIES, you can run them monthly, which helps cash flow and visibility of commitments.

Yes. As standard, our Just-ROYALTIES royalty reporting software allows you to run different commission rates based on territory and format.

Just-ROYALTIES Pricing

License Pricing



Base Module (Includes one user)

Additional full users £100 per user

Just-ROYALTIES App includes one Business Central Licence only

Implementation Costs



per implementation

Excludes BC services

Support Costs


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Included as part of the license and implementation pricing

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