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Now more than ever, businesses need to come together and work more effectively as a team. There’s strength in unity and no other software echos that sentiment more than the Microsoft Power Suite. This powerful suite provides far more than simple analysis or automation. On top of all the time-saving streamlining that you can expect, Microsoft Power Suite allows you to connect all your separate platforms into one unified place – from Office 365, Dynamics, and hundreds of other end-to-end business applications. 

Make sure your business is adaptable with Microsoft Power Suite’s powerful collection of apps that help you to promote a culture of innovation and inclusivity.

Powerful apps alone – formidable when used together.

Power Suite Features

Power BI

Drive your business decisions with accurate and informed data to create growth opportunities with confidence and empower your employees with access to up-to-the-minute data.

Power Apps

Encourage an atmosphere of innovation within your organisation with Power Apps. Turn your brightest ideas into effective organisation solutions by allowing everyone - at every level of your business - to build custom apps to solve business challenges.

Power Automate

Increase productivity across your organisation using the latest in automation technology to streamline time-wasting organisational processes.

Power Virtual Agents

Never miss out on an enquiry again! With easy to build chatbots, you’ll be able to engage conversationally with customers and employees with no need for coding.

Inclusive Innovation

Inclusivity is an essential part of any business in the modern world. The Microsoft Power Platform promotes and aids in creating a culture of inclusivity through its easy to use technology. The simplicity of the Microsoft Power Platform’s utilisation makes it possible for anyone and everyone to become innovators and create solutions that accelerate business.

Connect to hundreds of data sources using a library of connectors and Common Data Service, bringing your data together into a single source of truth, while you uncover insights and customise your Office 365, Dynamics 365, and Azure capabilities.

Power BI Pricing

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