Welcome to Dynamics Unwrapped

Unwrapping the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to drive business success and equip accountants to advocate the right system to support growth for their customers

Dynamics Unwrapped Series

Welcome to the Dynamics Unwrapped video series where each season is targeted to various stakeholders where we explore how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can optimise their tasks and enrich their roles. So, grab the popcorn, sit back and relax, and prepare to uncover why Business Central is a must-have for your organisational toolkit.

Accountants: Unleashing Scalability for Your Clients

As businesses adopt cloud accounting, the trust placed in accountants for software recommendations has never been more crucial. While traditional solutions like Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks have been favoured, our series explores the unique benefits of Business Central. We highlight its versatility, scalability, and customisability, suggesting it as a preferred option for complex, fast-growing companies.

The Role of a CFO: From Finance Analysts to Leaders in Digital Transformation

As technology continues to advance, finance leaders are compelled to adapt, ensuring their businesses thrive in this digitally evolving landscape.
From optimising investments, to unlocking the potential of collaborative partnerships with CIOs, to effectively assessing the benefit of Business Central, this series is designed to offer valuable insights for navigating the multifaceted responsibilities of a CFO.

Navigating Growth: Finance Leadership in an AI Driven World

AI is one of the hottest topics of the decade, sparking a lot of interest and debate. Regardless of where you stand, it’s clear that AI isn’t fading away, so it’s important to educate ourselves on this technology if we want to keep up in today’s competitive world.

That’s why this series is all about looking at AI from a finance leaders perspective by exploring how it will potentially impact growth, change management, workforce strategy, risk management, and system integration.

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This whitepaper will reveal the quiet revolution taking place within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. And more importantly, what it means for accountants and their clients.

Dynamics Unwrapped Podcast

Welcome to the Dynamics Unwrapped Podcast! We’re going to hear from industry experts in the accounting and finance industry as well as hear from experts in accounting software. Join us as they share their insights into the dynamic synergies evolving between finance and technology.

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