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Get in control of your company’s planning with Bizview.

In a fast-changing market, you need to adapt quickly to survive and thrive. You’ll need agile planning and forecasting processes, backed by the latest reports and analytics, so you can make the right decisions every time.

The days of using static spreadsheets for budgeting and planning is over. When your business needs answers, you need them immediately. There’s no time to manually send out, gather, and consolidate figures from your users. Even less so to painstakingly double-check all the numbers to eliminate errors. It’s a waste of time that’s dangerously prone to mistake making.

These issues only become more prevalent as your team expands. It’s harder to manage collaboration, sharing, consolidation and to approve of planning data. Eventually, it becomes too difficult to integrate operational and financial planning across departments.

Bizview solves all these challenges! It offers a complete online platform for all your financial planning, budgeting and forecasting. It enables you to regain control over your financial processes, automate manual tasks, and gain valuable insights to guide decision-making.


Adopt a purpose-built planning tool to accelerate results.

Align your team and shorten budgeting cycles.

Continuously monitor and reforecast throughout the year.

Streamline processes to get line of sight and manage capital more effectively.

Easily compare actuals to plan for faster and smarter decisions.

Get up and running rapidly.

Scale to support the needs of growing organizations.

Extend planning beyond the O­ffice of the CFO.

Improve team output and collaboration.

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