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Just-TALENT: The First of its Kind

Talent reporting for production companies can be an onerous task. Complicated spreadsheets with hundreds of sums outlining your talent’s share statements can quickly become unmanageable. Unfortunately, talent reporting isn’t often found in many finance systems – if at all. Most reporting is completed via a specialist as a contracted service or on Excel.

Until now, that is. Just-TALENT is the UK’s leading talent reporting software for production companies. Creative provides the best of both: a contracted service and a dedicated reporting software. We offer the services of our partner, Lockside Consulting, or the Just-TALENT app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Just-TALENT and Lockside services offer writer/contributor reporting with statements, self-billing, journals and payments for all your productions. Statements can be created against advances, deductible costs, and different calculation methods.

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Improved Financial Visibility

Just-TALENT supplies total clarity to your production company. Gone are the days of convoluted spreadsheets and tearing your hair out over complex sums. With the insightful reporting that Just-TALENT provides, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions and track essential financial information in real-time.

Titles, Statements & Share Lines

Keep your intentions transparent with Just-TALENT. With our talent reporting software, all the relevant data for your titles, statements and share lines are in one place. Remove the frustration of calculating by hand with the use of our automated reporting software.


Calculate, generate and distribute statements with just a few clicks in our talent reporting software. Your talent reporting statements will be automatically submitted for approval before being distributed by email. For maximum reassurance, they’re also posted to create a self-billing order or invoice.

Title & Financial Reporting

Financial reporting doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep things clear and accessible in real-time with an overview of your production company’s Title Income and costs, as well as Advances and their recoupment

Why Just-TALENT?

Just-TALENT utilises automation which removes the chance for human error and reduces the process of reporting from weeks down to minutes. When you’re saving that much time, you can afford to report on a much more regular basis and smooth out cash flow by avoiding lump sum payments. Talent reporting software also ensures that you have clear data so you’re able to recoup upfront costs before paying out.

Why Lockside Consulting?

Lockside Consulting Ltd was established by Ed Hearsey in 2013. This expert consulting firm provides bespoke services in the rights and royalties field for companies operating in the creative industries. Lockside can help with all your talent reporting requirements – from consulting on the set-up of your system right through to providing an end to end service for your reporting requirements.

Who Is It For?

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Just-TALENT Pricing

License Pricing



Base Module (Includes one user)

Additional full users £100 per user

Just-TALENT App includes one Business Central Licence only

Implementation Costs



per implementation

Excludes Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central services

Support Costs


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Included as part of the license and implementation pricing

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