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Reliable Document Capture

Take invoice automation to the next level with Continia Document Capture. Process PDF and PEPPOL/XML-based vendor invoices directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This intuitive app allows you to automate every step of the invoicing processing, from receiving the documents to retrieving them again later for reporting and auditing. Every step of the invoicing process is made infinitely simpler and more time-efficient – like automatically downloading PDF files from predefined e-mail addresses, processed using award-winning OCR technology that requires no user involvement whatsoever. Or scanning paper documents using a desktop or network scanner and following the same flow as PDF files, further improving the auditing process. This efficient solution revolutionises the invoicing process to allow you more time to get the important work done. 

Continia Document Capture supports a wide range of document formats, PDF files and electronic documents, with out of the box support for major XML-based invoicing formats in Europe. All your electronic documents are processed the same way as PDF files. They’ll automatically apply for a set of registration, approval and posting rules so you’re able to quickly process the PEPPOL/XML document to a purchase invoice and post it immediately if required. 

With Continia Document Capture, you can be sure you’ll get less fuss, more efficiency! Request a free demo today and find out just how efficient your systems could be.


Endless Formatting

Maybe you tend to favour a PDF format. Or perhaps you prefer something more XML-based. No matter what format you want to use, Continia Document Capture will be able to provide. With efficient registering and processing of documents in any format, you’ll never have to worry about formatting again.

Improved Efficiency

With Continia Document Capture, your days of manually handling documents are long gone. Automated systems tackle all the arduous manual work whilst you’re free to get on with the more impactful stuff. Completely eliminate the chance of human error by utilising smart automation technology so you can use your time in more efficient ways.

Speedy Approval

You can work with confidence when Continia Document Capture is quickly approving purchasing invoices and credit memos at all times. With automation, there are no lunch breaks or work schedules. Continia Document Capture is available to approve documents any time, anywhere.

Simple Searching

Ever saved a document as Untitled-29456 and immediately lost it in a sea of other ‘untitled’ docs? Swear every time you’re going to establish a system but never get round to it? You’ll never have that issue again with Continia Document Capture! This solution utilises quick and easy search functionality for archived documents so you’ll always be on top of what’s what.

Global Viewing

Taking your business on the go? That’s no problem when you’re using Continia Document Capture. Whether you’re in London or Lisbon, your documents can be viewed from any geographical location in the world. That means you never have to stress about accessing your documents and can always plan with confidence.

Full Security

Have complete peace of mind with Continia Document Capture’s extensive control and strong security with full audit trails.

Why Document Capture for Business Central?

“The service from Creative was very good and requested in a particularly tight deadline, and we were pleased that Creative met this. Document Capture does work really well, it is a fantastic tool to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Building templates for the majority of our key suppliers allows for much quicker and more accurate processing. Our purchase ledger team can simply check the coding and inputs rather than keying in all of the data.”


Financial Controller, Godolphin

Continia Document Capture Pricing

License Pricing



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Based on 1,000 registered documents per month

Implementation Costs



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Includes basic setup and training

Support Costs



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Priced per app per month

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