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Physically printing and sending invoices is inefficient. Creating a new email with all necessary attachments for every typical communication is time-consuming. Stop wasting your business’ valuable time, money and effort on menial tasks. Let automation do the work for you. Streamline the process of distributing documents and reports with Continia Document Output – directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Continia Document Output features extensive predefined email templates that are immediately ready to use and suitable for a wide variety of business documents. Make each template exactly to your liking with the easy-to-use, inbuilt HTML editor to create a professional design unique to your company.

Keep track of all your contacts with Business Central reports and information on every email recipient. All you need to get started is to customise your email to your profile, and you’re set to get started! That’s what makes Continia Document Output one of the simplest and most affordable solutions out there, with streamlined implementation, development and maintenance.

Utilise effective automation to quickly and easily communicate with your customers – no matter the time or the place – by sending electronic documents straight from Microsoft Dynamics 365. Discover how Continia Document Output can transform your business with a free demo!


Pre-built templates

There’s no need to hire a designer with Continia Document Output. Take the stress out of emailing with pre-built templates specially designed for Microsoft Dynamics. You can save time and effort whilst ensuring consistency for customers with a range of over 25 professional email templates to choose from. Never send out a bland email again!

Information right at your fingertips

Don’t let your location hold back your business. Whether you’re in the office, working from home or on the other side of the world, you can access your documents across a range of platforms and devices with Continia Document Output.

Transparent document workflow

If convoluted systems make your head spin, Continia Document Output is the answer to all your problems. With a clear and user-friendly interface, you can be guaranteed headache-free and reliable document processing.

Keep track with trails

Do invoices tend to go awry? Emails have a mind of their own? Never lose track of your communications again with Continia Document Output’s log and audit trail of every email sent. You’ll be able to keep all your customers under control with an easy and transparent flow of communication.

HTML editor

Maybe you like to take a more bespoke approach to your email templates. With Continia Document Output’s intuitive HTML editor, you can design your email templates exactly to your liking. Create fully unique branded templates that singularly sell your business unlike any other.

Why implement Document Output for Business Central?

Reduce admin time and strain on your people with Continia Document Output. This smart system automatically produces and delivers essential documents such as statements, invoices and remittances using your pre-designed templates and delivery schedules.

Continia Document Output Pricing

License Pricing



per month

Based on 1,000 documents per month

Implementation Costs



per implementation

Includes basic setup and training

Support Costs



per app per month

Priced per app per month

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