An exciting look at what’s to come, deployment is the much-anticipated moment when your business finally gets to experience the new software. The discovery and strategy stage is complete, and we can really begin motoring as we lean into the project.

During this phase of an implementation project, Creative deploys all the required software components that make up your business’ unique solution – including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and any additional applications. Every aspect of the installation process is set up in conjunction with your IT partner or team to ensure ease of use and total transparency.

Deployment Made Simpler

Where we once referred to this stage of the project as ‘installation’, it’s now best described as ‘deployment’. Thanks to our contemporary cloud web-based systems, more and more companies are saying goodbye to complex servers and lengthy uploads to individual processors, and hello to simple software deployment, available from the get-go.

Advancements in cloud technology also means that your new system is accessible across a range of devices, from your computer to your smartphone. You’ll never have to go without your data – no matter where you are in the world.

Risk Management Experts

As one of the earliest stages in the implementation process, it sets the tone of the rest of the project, so it’s essential to get right.

It would be easy to assume that this process is as easy as pressing a button. Most deployments are stress-free and efficiently carried out. However, the nature of software implementations does mean that there’s always the potential for complications.

That’s why Creative’s extensive expertise, experience and risk management is essential to the deployment phase. No matter what issues arise during this stage of development, your business can be reassured that the experts have a handle on things.

A Tailored Approach

Every business conducts itself in a unique way. As such, Creative’s approach to deployment is bespoke. We tailor our deployment to your business’ needs and work around your IT strategy to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive deployment. 

It’s important that your software meets every one of your company’s requirements. We always discuss the thorough details of system requirements before accessing Business Central before deployment to ensure your software is exactly what you need it to be. 

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