Experienced Experts for Peace of Mind

During the phase, Creative will deploy the required software components which can include Dynamics BC and any additional Apps.
Sounds easy enough, but while most installations are stress free, the nature of the software means that there can be complications.

This is where our expertise, experience and risk management come into play so that no matter what we encounter during this phase, you can be reassured that everything is set up as it should be and in conjunction with your IT partner or Team.

Tailored Deployment

How we carry out the deployment it is always going to be dependent on your IT strategy, such as Cloud requirements and On-Premise solutions.

It’s recommended to verify that computers and mobile devices exceed the minimum requirements before accessing Business Central (the details of this can be found here), but we do discuss all of this in advance so that our software is set up exactly as you want it to be and that your team can access the software when they want to.

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