Maintaining Your Data's Accuracy

Whenever you’re transferring data from one system to another, it’s vitally important that the integrity of your data is maintained. Move your data without the risk and upgrade Sage 50 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Just-MIGRATE. It’s efficient, cost-effective and guarantees 100% transfer accuracy. Discover how easily your data can be migrated with an overview demo today!

Many SMEs start off operating on Sage 50 but find they quickly outgrow the software’s capabilities. For example, the system only allows ten users per company and the rest of the team don’t always appreciate being locked out while you process the company’s VAT return.

By switching over to Microsoft Dynamics 365, you get a faster, easier-to-use, all-in-one system that’s designed to adapt and grow with your business. You can work in a range of currencies, organise multiple stock locations, pull data from different departments and so much more.

Our Just-MIGRATE extension is specifically built for data migration from Sage 50. We designed our bespoke software using our extensive knowledge and experience of the Sage data after handling a large number of migrations. We provide templates for all areas of the scoped solution during the data migration phase. This enables the import of data from all other systems where possible for total clarity and control.

How It Works

You might have accepted disruption as an inevitable part of changing systems, but not with our data migration software! Just-MIGRATE is designed to take the stress out of the migration process by automating the transfer of your information from one system to another. This completely eliminates the need for admin hours and human errors. It even retains the same structure as your Sage system so your new system will be instantly familiar and easy to use. The goal is to reduce costs, speed up your established process and ensure that you fully benefit from the new system – all with the least amount of hassle possible.

What Can You Import?

Just-MIGRATE works with every Sage Line 50 package from Version 4 to the latest version. The following data can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  • Nominal structure (with the option of re-coding this if desired)
  • Departments
  • Budgets
  • Full audit trail history
  • Bank accounts
  • Customer accounts
  • Supplier accounts
  • Opening customer balances and supplier balances in detail
  • Full cashbook history with un-presented items
  • Items
  • Sales quotes/orders
  • Sales invoices/credit notes
  • Purchase orders
  • Fixed assets

Migrate with Creative

Creative Computing started life as a Sage partner. As such, we have a huge amount of experience migrating companies who have outgrown their Sage system to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

We’re a team of incredibly enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated Dynamics experts. We utilise our deep understanding of the Microsoft Dynamics software to ensure the successful delivery of every project. Our hands-on approach ensures that our clients understand every step of their digital transformation journey. As their businesses continue to grow and adapt, we continually deliver exceptional services and reliable project delivery.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take a look at our case studies to see how we’ve revolutionised the processes of our clients.

This really depends on the number of companies and the amount of data. However, it is safe to say that it is far quicker and more accurate than any other migration method.

Business Central is great for anyone who loves ‘tooltips’, ‘help pages’, an interface that fits in with their role, and ‘cue icons’ that deliver their work for the day. It really is such an intuitive system.

Just-MIGRATE works with migrating data from Sage 50 to Dynamics Business Central, so as long as it’s in Sage 50, we can migrate the data.

Just-MIGRATE Pricing

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