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Bring Clarity to Your Charity

As a busy, inundated charity, you need to prioritise your time towards helping those who need it most. Create more time to give back to your cause with Just-DONATE. Our financial and accounting software is specially designed to help charities to stay informed in real-time. As a holistic and easy to use solution, Just-DONATE has revolutionised the efficiency of many charity’s financial systems. Discover how you can revolutionise your charity’s systems now with a free demo and prioritise your time towards the communities that matter.

From gift-aids to grants, pledges to accounts, we understand the need for efficiency when you’re managing your charity’s finances. Our financial and accounting software for charities is designed specifically for the non-profit sector and allows you to manage your donations in a bespoke way. 

Through Just-DONATE, you’ll be able to view and manage your finances in a way that works for you. Utilise up-to-the-minute data to save time and energy with a complete and flexible solution so you can focus on the things that matter.

Key Features

Donations, Funds & Income

With Just-DONATE, you can streamline a range of processes to save time, money and effort. Generate a gift-aid claim. Hold details and attachments about grants. Manage, import and convert donations. You can do all this and more, all within one cohesive system. You’ll never need to waste time reconciling data between different systems again.

Manage & Monitor Your Expenditure

Your charity will be able to manage any and all giving and expenditure in a number of different ways. Our financial and accounting software for charities offers practical and effective functionality like standard purchase quotations, purchase orders and invoices, expenses and outgoing grants. You can monitor all this and more within Just-DONATE’s easy-to-use system.

Quick, Easy & Reliable Reporting

Get fast, effective and reliable data within minutes with Just-DONATE. Our accounting software for charities saves your organisation valuable time and resources to be used more efficiently elsewhere. Your financial team will be empowered by accurate data and flexible solutions that are tailored specifically for the management of charities and non-profit organisations.


Projects are a vital part of every charitable organisation. Just-DONATE allows you to track each item of income and expenditure against a project. You’ll be able to view your projects at any time for increased transparency of cost implications and clear timesheets that are fully integrated into your system.


Complicated and unruly events are a thing of the past with Just-DONATE. This simple and cohesive accounting software for charities has an entire area dedicated to fundraising events. Store key information, log event details, an extensive list of attendees. Keep track of and generate invoices for any items sold at your events like tickets, donations and sponsorships.

Available Everywhere

Available as a stand-alone system or fully integrable with Microsoft's Cloud-First offering, you can access Just-DONATE from wherever you are and link it to your Office 365. Allow your staff to have safe and secure access to your data wherever they need it. Just-DONATE gives you the flexibility to work better, faster and easier.

Why Just-DONATE?

Just-DONATE makes your charity accounting simple. Save time with easy-to-run reports from one system that knows exactly what you need. 

At Creative, we understand that non-profit organisations function very differently from profit-making organisations. That’s why we designed our bespoke Just-DONATE solution to revolutionise accounting software for charities. From restricted funds to legacies, we understand how to effectively manage your finances with ease.

Our holistic financial and accounting software allows your charity to view and manage your financials to maintain total visibility on your fund balances with advanced, bespoke software that quickly and easily generates a variety of reports.


Memberships are a great way to create a stable source of income from your sponsors or volunteers. That’s why our bespoke financial and accounting software for charities has integrated membership functions into its software. You may have several types of members, or your members may be donating different amounts each year. Manage your membership finances through Just-DONATE to see accurate records and forecasting, with easy administration and flexibility to manage your members the way you want to.

Together with Creative Computing

Here at Creative Computing, we’re committed to ensuring every charity is dedicating as much time as possible towards the things that matter most: furthering their cause. Our team of highly enthusiastic, experienced and dedicated professionals are here to help streamline your processes with ease. 

We understand that keeping your charity’s finances in clear focus is incredibly important. That’s why we offer a free demonstration of Just-DONATE. You’ll be able to see how our account software for charities can improve your work, completely risk-free.

With 30 years of experience and countless accreditations, certifications & rewards, we pride ourselves on results and the relationships we build with our clients. Don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at our customer testimonial from Variety, the Children’s Charity to hear how Just-DONATE has revolutionised their processes.

Yes. Using the Dimensions in Business Central, we are able to help you recognise income and expenditure for all funds.

As there are a number of ways suggested by HMRC to handle Partial VAT, we take it on a case by case basis.

There are great fundraising tools in Just-DONATE! However, we can integrate with most other fundraising software, so we just need clear strategic goals as to what that integration is going to be.

Just-TV Pricing

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Support Costs


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Contact us for a demo of Just-DONATE

If you need customised software, we can create it. If you need a standard, cloud-based system, we’ll set it up. Get in touch with us today to discuss how our solutions will help streamline your processes for better data, better reporting and a better experience.
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