What does the future have in store for Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft has devoted a substantial amount of time and effort to developing its AI tools, including Copilot. 

The company openly communicates its intentions to maintain and enhance its market leadership position in enterprise software, as well as its desire to push further into the space in novel new ways (e.g., through AI for business). 

As a result of these factors, it is clearly the case that Microsoft will maintain AI as a top priority. 

AI is the future of computing

We anticipate that Microsoft will continue to invest a substantial amount of time and money into its AI tools, with Copilot being arguably the most prominent. A number of massive investments have recently been announced, such as Microsoft’s $4 billion deal with AI startup Inflection.

However, exactly where the many billions Microsoft is pumping into AI will go is still a matter of debate. 

Three overarching patterns have already surfaced in the evolution of Copilot, and we anticipate that they will persist:

Copilot will continue to expand

First, Microsoft will proceed with the expansion of Copilot. It significantly increased the accessibility of Copilot for Microsoft 365 in early 2024, when it was made available to smaller businesses than previously allowed. It will almost certainly seek to further integrate its enterprise-grade flagship AI product into businesses worldwide in a similar fashion.

Copilot will continue to integrate

Microsoft will also look to further integrate AI with computing. Although Copilot is already integrated into Windows, it’s obvious that there are still many opportunities remaining untapped. Microsoft is, in fact, incorporating a Copilot key into personal computers and proclaiming 2024 the “Year of the AI PC.”

Copilot will continue to embrace customisation

Thirdly, it is probable that Copilot will continue to develop into increasingly customised iterations. A portion of this will consist of “off the shelf” customisation options, such as Copilot for Sales or Copilot for Security. Tailored versions of Copilot are designed to further enhance productivity and quality within the specific industries in which they are implemented. However, through its Copilot Studio, the company will also release truly customised variants of Copilot that provide the utmost in personalised AI assistants.If you feel as though your company could benefit from Copilot, and you’re looking for the best way to integrate it, please contact us via the form on our contact page.

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