The quality and outcome of any project is underpinned by the management and experience of the lead consultant. That’s why we put such an emphasis on having the most dedicated, experienced and professional people at the heart of every project.

From comprehensive management of large-scale software implementations to ongoing ad hoc support, you can rely on our consultants to be there when you need them.

Project Management Powerhouses

At Creative, we employ a small but mighty team of consultants. Boasting years of implementation and deployment experience, bolstered by a prolific track record of success, these project management powerhouses sit at the centre of your partnership with Creative.

Every one of our consultants has first-hand experience in our key industries. They’re able to understand your business’ processes, the issues you’re facing, and most importantly, how to fix them.

Your Creative Constant

We understand the impact a large-scale implementation can have on your business, and how vital your systems and processes are in helping to deliver effective and continuous operation. That’s why with Creative, you’ll never be passed from pillar to post having to repeat yourself time and time again. Your consultant will get to know you personally, quickly becoming a reliable constant in what can be an incredibly disruptive and daunting time.

What’s more, Creative consultants come from an end-user background. They’ve been in your shoes before and can empathise with your position. Because of this, they’re unwavering in their dedication to getting it right the first time.

A Bespoke Experience

We consult with you from the very beginning of the project to set up the new system in a way that’s right for your business and enables the utilisation of all necessary areas. From the chart of accounts to dimensions, our consultants are with you through it all to provide support and advice.

Our consultants can help you map your data from your existing systems to Business Central, providing templates that allow the fast upload of data into the new system. They will track your progress and report back to you regularly to ensure that your data is set up correctly.

While it’s easy to assume that the most important part of your project is the setup (and it is important to get right), it’s just as important to establish the way your business is going to work within your new system. As this can vary greatly from business to business, your consultant will help guide you to the best outcome.

For example, if the way you’ve been operating within your old system hasn’t been working for you, it’s a good idea to phase it out and start anew. That way, your new system can fit all your essential processes in and have a more streamlined workflow within Business Central.

Empowering Your Teams

By having a strong presence from the very beginning, your project consultant is able to bring your people and teams along with them during the implementation journey. This way, your people are empowered to play an active role in forming new, more efficient ways of working, ensuring they’re fully onboard to embrace this change.

It’s not in our nature to call it a day after Go-Live. We help you build roadmaps for the future, so that your systems continually evolve, as you evolve. 

Consultants also help train your employees and conduct user acceptance testing (UAT) so that your people and your business are getting the most out of the new software.

You’ll find no copy and paste presentations here. The training provided is bespoke, relating to specific internal processes of the company and configuration of the software. This ensures that every minute of training given is of value to you and your teams, and relevant to your unique business processes and needs.

Guiding You Every Step of the Way

When you work with Creative, you get more than a top-quality system. Our experienced and dedicated consultants support you and your teams through the entire implementation.

Our relationship doesn’t end after deployment, either. By being on the frontline of the project, the lead consultant will know your business process and functions inside and out. They become a trusted advisor and pillar of support long after the Go-Live, ensuring that your systems and solutions grow and adapt to the needs of your business.

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