Jet Analytics

Personalised Business Intelligence

Have the world’s most powerful business intelligence software at your fingertips with Jet Analytics. Empower every level of your business with unparalleled data transparency.

With clear data visualizations, you’ll be able to utilise multiple data sources and consolidate them into one place. Transform your data reporting process by constructing highly visual reports and build data-rich dashboards – all inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI with the power of Jet Analytics. Whether you’re in the office or on the go, access your data anywhere with dashboards accessible on the web or your mobile device. 

Swap slow, outdated tools that bog down your processes with fast and accessible data automation. With Jet Analytics, you’ll be able to make smarter business decisions with the data to back it up at a fair price. Discover how quickly your business’ data reporting can be transformed with a free demo of Jet Analytics.


One Set of Data

One of the most common reporting issues is that data is often inaccurate due to multiple people pulling reports from different places... But that’s not a problem with Jet Analytics. Streamline your processes and consolidate all your company’s data into one primary location so you can make clearer and more informed business decisions.

Personalised Reports & Dashboards

Waiting on technical specialists to build and modify reports and dashboards takes precious time that most companies don’t have the luxury to spend. When you want to measure your performance and make informed decisions, you need your data as soon as possible. With Jet Analytics, you can take ownership of your reporting and build useful dashboards that are a perfect fit for your business quickly and effectively.

Give Employees the Data Access They Need

Ever find yourself asking why there are so many different sources of data? Running reports from multiple places with different data sources cost precious time and holds your employees back from making fast and divisive decisions. Jet Analytics gives your employees the access they need to improve efficiency and free up valuable time and resources.

Why implement Jet Analytics?

Gain valuable insights from the first day of implementation with Jet Analytics. Business intelligence is incredibly quick and easy to use with pre-built OLAP cubes and an expansive data warehouse with an extensive library of dashboard and report templates that are specially designed for Microsoft Dynamics. 

Simplify your reporting process and take control of your business’ fiscal planning again with fast automation and transparent data. By accessing your Microsoft Dynamics data directly in Excel, you can work faster than ever before with automated processes that eliminate human error and free up your time for more valuable tasks.

Empower employees from every level of your organisation – from data analysts to CFO – to create and run their own reports in the familiar environment of Excel. With fast Excel functionality, your reporting features will be fast, efficient and more accurate than ever.

We're Here to Help

Creative has been implementing Jet for over fifteen years and we are a Platinum Partner. We will help you every step of the way to ensure you’re making the most of the reporting and analytics power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

With the right tools in place, you can maximise your resources, streamline and speed up your most complex reporting processes, and have total access to your data across multiple sources and devices, in any format you require and from any location.

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