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Holistic, user-friendly financial software solutions for your TV and film company. Designed with in-depth knowledge of the industry, delivered by a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

Your key financials in sharp focus

Accounting software for TV and film production companies is often complex, outdated, unreliable and spanning multiple systems. From the hours – even days – it takes you and your people to pull together essential financial reports, to the resources required to manage legacy financial systems, what should be a driver of key business decisions has become a barrier to productivity and efficiency. When there are only so many hours in a day, you need a system that saves time, effort and resources.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central at the core of our financial solutions, we empower our TV and film production clients to ditch time-consuming, error-laden manual processes and allow for the fluidity of data that modern businesses like yours need to survive. Rationalise and streamline processes, make intelligent business decisions and accelerate growth – all within a solution that adapts and grows with you.

A comprehensive business management solution designed for TV and film companies, Just-TV allows you to run your entire finance & production accounting within a single holistic system. Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and increase transparency and visibility of data across the whole business and multiple productions.

Royalty reporting within Excel is time consuming and can be laden with errors. Just-ROYALTIES can run your entire finance & royalty statement production, saving you time and resources, and most importantly, ensuring that your data is accurate, accessible and reliable.

Complicated spreadsheets with hundreds of sums outlining your talent’s share statements are a thing of the past thanks to Just-TALENT. Issue huge quantities of statements, self-bills, journals, payments and so much more against advances, deductible costs and different calculation methods – all in a matter of clicks.





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Our TV & Film Production Clients

Case Study: Hat Trick

Like so many companies in the TV & Film sector, Hat Trick was using disparate systems throughout the group. They were frustrated and slowed down by systems that were lacking and no longer a good fit for them. With the group growing, they also needed a system that would streamline processes internally and enable full reporting functionality from one set of data.

Why Us

Deep Industry Knowledge

Having worked closely with TV & film production and distribution companies since 2006, our industry knowledge and expertise as a financial tech provider is second to none. We know and understand your pain-points, your bottlenecks, your frustrations - and with the help of our powerful apps, we're here to offer you a solution.

Visionary Thinkers & Doers

We have a track record of anticipating and responding to the direction of the TV & film production and distribution market. How? Experience and a life-long commitment to problem solving. Owner Justin Farmiloe grew up writing programmes on his Commodore 64 and has been developing ever since. The company has taken on his entrepreneurial spirit and hands-on initiative. When we see a problem, our instinct is to solve it, even if that requires significant self-learning or sticking our necks out.

It's All About You

Creative is filled with talented, driven Dynamics and software experts with the sole goal of creating an outcome that is right for your company, your processes, and your vision. We don’t take shortcuts. If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. You can always rely on the quality of our work.

We Love What We Do

We solve your problems, take on your challenges and get you working smarter, not harder, because we can't help it. From our developers to project managers, sales people to customer care, we're deeply passionate about and committed to the work we do for TV and film companies.

Despite being one of the most creative and progressive industries on the planet, TV and film companies often make do with financial systems and processes belonging to another time. The consensus? “Better the devil you know” – but it truly isn’t.

By shining a light on the exceptions to this rule, we’re showcasing the untapped possibilities of world-class financial tech in the hope that the rest of the TV and film industry will follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

The great feature of Just-TV is that you can create your budgets directly in the system. On saying that, if you have to do your budgets in Movie Magic or Excel, then you can do, and then import them directly in.

We can bring payroll data into Just-TV, however as there are so many payroll softwares out there, this is done on a case by case basis.

Yes, you can take a snapshot of your Cost Manager at any time. You can also show previous Cost Manager comments on your reports, from earlier snapshots.

Yes, using our Expense Management App from Continia.

Yes, using our Document Capture App from Continia.

Are approvals web based and does the approver need to be a user of the system? They can be web based or not, and yes, an approver has to have a licence, as standard.

 Just-TV integrates with both Rightstracker and EasyTrack.

This is done using the Document Output App from Continia, and gives you the ability to email batches of statements using email templates with merge fields.

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