Four ways Microsoft is keeping Copilot secure

There’s no doubt about it – in the modern age, data security has to be a major priority for all businesses that want to become, and remain, successful. And that’s especially true if you’re sharing sensitive data with third party vendors. 

If you’re using Copilot on Windows, have bought Copilot 365, or are using one of the more specialised Copilots (like Sales or Security) you’re probably giving it access to your data, because it can use that data to deliver a more useful and personalised service.

You might even be entering private data into the free online version of Copilot if you ask it to help you with jobs like writing emails or reports. For example, you could enter financial results or customer data, and ask Copilot to help you present this information in a suitable way.

Given the risks inherent in data sharing, how does Microsoft make sure that your Copilot info is safe? It uses four key strategies:

1. Encryption of data

All of Microsoft’s users’ data is encrypted, whether it’s being sent or stored. This keeps it safe against unauthorised access.

2. Following data regulations

Microsoft ensures it is compliant with local regulations over data protection. In the UK, that means it abides by GDPR and only keeps your information for as long as it needs to.

3. Access controls

Microsoft uses access controls to ensure that the only people who can access user information are the people that are authorised to do so.

4. Exemption from LLM training

The information you give to Copilot is not used by Microsoft to train new LLMs. This means that your private information will not end up in someone else’s AI helper.

Microsoft is very transparent about how it collects and uses data, so you can feel reassured that Copilot comes from a trustworthy source. However, if you would like to discuss data privacy concerns further, or you are curious about the best way in which you can integrate Copilot into your business, please contact us via the form on our contact page.

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