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One System, Endless Benefits

Just-TV is a comprehensive business management solution designed specifically for TV & film companies. As a single holistic system, Just-TV allows you to run your entire finance & production accounting from one convenient place.

Streamline your processes, make smarter decisions, and increase the visibility of financials across the whole business and multiple productions. Simplified processes enable Financial Directors, Accounts Teams, Heads of Production and Production accountants to work from one data set, one budget and one system. Through the use of Just-TV, your mundane reporting processes can be automated. That gives your team more time to spend on the things that matter. 

Accounting software for TV & film companies doesn’t have to be complicated. Just-TV’s intuitive design provides a comfortable and flexible experience. Our accounting software is as easy to use as Excel with greater data accuracy and integrity. 


Transparent Financials

Take control of your finances with clear visibility through Just-TV. Chart your financial performance and improve forecast accuracy, all whilst remaining compliant and keeping your accounting secure.

Production Budgets

Managing budgets is a breeze with Just-TV. Import or create as many budgets as you need. Utilise a range of in-built schedule templates to suit your clients’ unique needs.

Cost Managers

Don’t let your finances take you by surprise. Manage all your production costs with confidence within Just-TV’s cost manager. No reconciliation of data necessary!

Real-Time Reporting

Run fast, effective, real-time reports for accurate accounting. Keep your finances in clear focus with total visibility of your production’s profits and cash flow.

Why Just-TV?

Accounting software for TV & film companies is often overly complex and spread around multiple systems. With Just-TV, there’s no need to reconcile different, disparate systems. There’s no drain on time or resources. Only effective, holistic accounting solution to take your productions from the first budget to the final cost management.

From financial directors to account teams, empower every level of your organisation to make confident decisions and accurate forecasting with the wealth of data that Just-TV provides.

No matter how you choose to deploy Just-TV, you’ll always receive the same great user experience. Whether you decide to deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or a combination of the two.

Who Is It For

Total Visibility Of Data

With Just-TV, you can say goodbye to making business decisions based on a hunch. From production cash flow to profitability, our holistic accounting software for TV & film companies presents the data you need clearly, concisely and in one place. As such, Financial Directors will be empowered to make informed decisions with easy-access backup data whenever it’s needed.

Accurate Data in Even Less Time

Free up your account team’s time by reducing repetitive, time-consuming tasks with intuitive automation. Our accounting software for TV & film companies provides the resources your team needs so they can add precious value to your business. Just-TV’s automated processes reduce human error, increase productivity and improve the accuracy of your data. Simple and easy to use, Just-TV ensures that your teams are performing as efficiently and productively as possible.

Accurate and Reliable Production Data

With Just-TV, your Heads of Production will be completely confident in your business’ finances with clear data and expert reporting. Our financial and accounting software for TV & film companies provides accurate forecasts against production income and expenditure. Just-TV has a contemporary system that’s easy to use and utilises real-time data to be used throughout all business operations.

One Cohesive Financial System

Every production account will find Just-TV comfortable and flexible to use. The transition from Excel to Just-TV is easy and intuitive thanks to its bespoke design specially created for transitioning from one system to another. We took our designs on step further, though. Our cohesive accounting software for TV & film companies sits within the financial system and is visible to anyone and everyone within your organisation that requires access. When data is kept accurate and easily reportable, departments are kept happy.

Thanks to the flexibility of Just-TV, your production budgets can be entered in many ways. You can enter figures directly against an expense line or import your budget lines from Excel or Movie Magic.

Just-TV allows you to have a number of different templates for your schedule and expense codes. So long as you can arrange your budgets into a hierarchy, we can accommodate them into our cohesive accounting software for TV & film.

Yes. You can take snapshots and hold those against the Production Card which are available to view at any time. You can carry comments from previous snapshots onto your current cost manager report, too.

You can take your finances on the go with the convenient, intuitive design of Just-TV across a range of mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows.) Access your holistic accounting solution wherever you are, no matter the platform or device.

Client Projects

Our TV & Film customers create and sell the most incredible content in such a variety of formats. We’re proud to highlight our customers’ work.

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