Distribution and Manufacturing

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Distribution, Service & Professional Service companies?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is utilised by companies from a variety of sectors across the Creative customer board.

Why might a distributor benefit from Dynamics? Many have stock management and warehouse systems separate from their finance system, and it’s this lack of cohesion that pushes growing distributors to invest in Dynamics. It allows them to run their complete supply chain management, with visibility throughout, for the whole organisation – imperative when your stock numbers are sizeable and your transactions are plenty.

Thrive in Today’s Economic Environment

Running disparate systems with a lack of process automation is no longer good enough to thrive in today’s economic environment.

It’s the same for Service Management and Professional Service companies. They want transparency of their projects, their maintenance, and the profits that go hand in hand. They want visibility of their cash flow and their work in progress.

The Time for Visibility is Now

If you’re the type of organisation that doesn’t have this visibility and transparency, then now is the time to look at Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Whether you’re selling dishwashers, sports equipment or even horses, at Creative, we know just how to set up a system that works for you and your business, so that you create efficiencies, gain insight into your profitability, and manage your cash flow. 

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