Providing a streamlined process with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Case Study: Hat Trick

The Problem

Like so many companies in the TV & Film sector, Hat Trick was using disparate systems throughout the group. There was a need, with the group growing, to put in place a system that would streamline the processes internally, enabling full reporting functionality from one set of data. 

The system had to be fully featured from a Financial and a Production Costing perspective and at minimum replace the functionality from the existing Sage Systems. The key requirement revolved around Production Costing. This required the provision of full services for each Production Accountant within the single unified system. The Production Accountant could then maintain and monitor accurate records of planned and projected expenditure. At the same time the information can be viewed as part of the overall finances for the Group. 

Additional requirements included generation of Rights Payments to the Sponsors of each Production together with the need to integrate with another product called Movie Magic (EP) which is used for Financial Planning of Productions.

Hat Trick Logo

The Solution

Creative had a clear understanding of the requirements at Hat Trick, and the Microsoft Dynamics NAV software provided a great platform for the business solution. The inbuilt flexibility allowed Creative to add the special security and processing required, whilst preserving the standard system for the normal accounts maintenance. Dynamics NAV is a true multi-currency, multi-company system, and the reporting functionality via the dimensional analysis is second to none. As the product has the Microsoft look and feel, this speeds the internal uptake of the system within the Hat Trick Group. 

The ease with which we can import data into Microsoft Dynamics NAV made integration with the Movie Magic system particularly straight-forward.

The Outcome

There are three main criteria that most companies seek when looking for a new system. Risk, Timeframes (implementation and ‘internal take-up’) and Return on investment.

Creative have a rigorous method for collecting and migrating data from legacy systems. This brings across as much data from the old system as is required, giving peace of mind that important data from the past is not lost in the implementation of the new system. The structure of NAV adds to the confidence since most of the processing rules are supplied ‘out of the box’ and are tried and trusted by a large and varied customer base.

The timeframes for the initial implementation of the financial system have been met very well by Hat Trick and Creative in partnership. The internal take-up of the new system has been good due to shrewd project management internally at Hat Trick by Claire Snedker.

She explained “Just-PRODUCE has allowed us to automate many of our day to day processes, which has enabled us to gain real time information quickly“. Claire further added, “we are excited by the further enhancements that Just-PRODUCE has to offer to ensure that we constantly improve our processes”.


Hat Trick Productions and Creative partnered to provide a system that streamlined processes, delivered strong reporting functionality and future-proofed against changes in the business and technology. Control of spending on Productions really is imperative. This has been achieved in a system that gives Production Accountants a secure front end, delivers a strong financial back end and integrates with Movie Magic. Matthew Ash the Sales Manager at Creative explained that “Hat Trick Productions is a great customer to have in this sector. Their knowledge and skills in the industry made for an excellent project.”