Variety, The Children’s Charity on the benefits of Just-DONATE.

Case Study: Variety The Children's Charity

The Objective

Sourcing data from 9 difference pieces of software, combined with regional offices and part time staff, meant that data was very difficult to get, a week of the Head Office finance team’s time was taken up by accounts management and it could take weeks to centralise the data.

Their system also didn’t properly capture the right information in the application process for grants that would have allowed them to best support families and organisations that needed help.

Additionally, data and information wasn’t linked from department to department, so Accounts weren’t able to directly access fundraising data, for example – essential to the management of any charity.

The Solution

Creative has been an established Microsoft partner since 1990 specialising in small to medium businesses. With their understanding of the challenges faced by the charity and Not for Profit Sector, they were able to work with the client to create a system that evolved and grew with them and enabled employees to devote time to tasks that added greater value to the organisation and enriched their roles. 

Just-DONATE enabled employees to work intuitively when dealing with donors and fundraisers. The system was used on a regional level, to ensure that all departments could input data into one system and access live data at any time.

The Benefits

The week spent by the finance team managing the accounts to prepare for the month-end report was reduced to 3 hours for the Finance Director. Reports can be pulled up and designed exactly to the requirements. 20 hours a month was also saved reconciling data between the finance and the CRM system -that’s 240 hours every year!

In total, Variety The Children’s Charity saved 324 hours – that’s nearly 50 working days – every year by implementing Just-DONATE.

Working with just donate has made my job a lot more interesting. Too much time was spent translating and reconciling between different systems. Now I can focus on building new reports and developing new features with creative.

Linda Czuczman, Database Manager, Variety The Children’s Charity.