Becoming a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner

It wasn’t just Olympians that brought home gold in February. We’re thrilled to announce that we are once again a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.


What does it mean to be a Gold Partner?

The Gold Competency is the highest level a company can earn in the Microsoft Partners Network, which comprises regular, silver and gold partners. To achieve Gold Competency, we’ve had to demonstrate to Microsoft that we operate to the highest standards.

This certification is also Microsoft’s recognition of key factors such as:

  • Net customer adds
  • New deployments
  • Revenue growth percentage
  • Qualifications
  • Net new revenue

What does this mean for Creative?

To be a Gold partner reinforces everything that we’re doing at Creative:

  • Investing in our sales and marketing
  • Investing in our IP
  • Investing in our people
  • Delivering for our customers

As you can see, qualifying for Gold isn’t just about winning new business. It’s about gaining traction in the market, keeping our customer base happy, delivering great projects, and ensuring our consultants are fully qualified with the new MB800 examinations.

Our monthly actual user growth this year is 88% against a target of 35%, which is no mean feat. Our Net new revenue also exceeded our target from Microsoft.

How hard has it been? Well, it hasn’t been easy. We haven’t had to sit exams for a while. But are our team better consultants for going through this process? Yes, absolutely. We can say now that more of our team are qualified with the MB800 exam than those not qualified. Every one of our consultants passed, as well as our Sales Manager.

What does this mean for Creative’s customers and prospects?

As a Gold partner, we work in close collaboration with Microsoft to ensure that our customers get the maximum value from their investments in Microsoft technologies, which sit at the core of our solutions. To be so closely aligned with the world leader in enterprise software solutions & services means that we’re at the forefront of technical capabilities.

It’s estimated that around 1-2% of Microsoft’s partners qualify as Gold-Certified. This is a testament to Creative’s best-in-class services and solutions and gives our customers and prospects confidence in our ability to deliver only the finest experience a Microsoft partner has to offer.


A note from our Sales Director, Justin Farmiloe:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank both the Creative team who have continually gone beyond expectations, and our customers, who trust us to be the best partner that we can be for them on their continued journeys.”


Until next time,



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