5 Benefits of Business Automation

Business process automation is fast becoming an extremely strategic enabler of business governance and agility. Technological advancements and the success of cloud computing have accelerated the evolution of business processes from re-engineering to automation.  For any business, it’s important to get the most out of the available resources. Business process automation is a means to do just that by leveraging the power of technology.

Recent research shows that 59% of processes could be automated by 2022. So, as a CIO if you aren’t thinking business process automation – here’s a few very real businesses reasons why you should be.

  1. SAVE TIME & HIGHER EFFICIENCY – Manual tasks take time and can be prone to errors as humans are simply unable to perform consistently to the highest standards. Automation reduces the number of manual tasks, freeing up your teams’ time to do the real work and add value to the business by driving strategy and innovation. Simply, automation means you will get more done in the same amount of time, increasing business productivity and improve employee motivation.
  1. GOVERNANCE & RELIABILITY – The consistency of automated processes means that you can rely on your business processes to operate and you can also offer your customers reliable processes. This is a big one in terms of your business gaining a competitive edge.  Remember, in today’s digital era, the customer is KING. The reliability of workflow automation also ensures that processes essential in terms of GRC (Governance, Regulation & Compliance) are executed fully, 100% of the time.
  1. DEEPER BUSINESS INSIGHTS– You can analyse and dig deeper into data by computationally managing your business information. Automating the business process means you will gain deeper insights into different aspects of your business. As an example, you may want to see the number of sales leads that your team are generating and compare that with the number of events you have attended.  Yes, you can do this manually, but for large organisations, especially those spread across multiple locations, this type of manual ROI analysis can be complex. Better insights mean not only can you quickly identify problems, but also pick up quick wins and strategic business opportunities in all areas of your business.
  1. REDUCED COSTS – Automation allows you to free up your resources from multiple repetitive tasks that require little or no human intervention. This equates to your business being able to accomplish more, while utilising fewer resources.
  1. SPEED – Workflow automation allows you to define and streamline your business processes. Eliminate unnecessary flows and re-align processes to drive your core strategic business objectives. With the right information now flowing throughout your company, you now have an agile organisation that can move with speed.

Business process automation should be an essential strategy for every forward-thinking company.  It enhances your company’s management; lets you make informed business decisions and increases the output while reducing costs. Need more information about business automation?  Call our team of business transformation consultants on 01628 660600 today.

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