You asked, Continia listened: The 2022 R1 Continia On-Premises Update

If the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 Wave 1 release wasn’t enough, Continia’s 2022 R1 on-premises update will certainly put a spring back in your step. This new major release will optimise users’ Business Central apps through a range of innovative enhancements and exciting new features. And best of all, it is all about you.

Continia is giving the people what they want, with feedback from partners and customers and the heart of every update. You asked, Continia listened and here’s the result:

Document Capture 9.0

Streamline your digital invoice workflow with Document Capture 9.0, the central solution for all your accounts payable needs.

With increased drag-and-drop possibilities, a simplified approval process and more teaching tips than ever before, users can wave goodbye to unnecessary steps and say hello to an intuitive, centralised accounting solution with all the bells and whistles. 

Here are just a few of the new Document Capture 9.0 features that will benefit your business in 2022:

  • Register documents directly to General Journal Lines: if you are a business that doesn’t require document approvals or detailed posting information, then you’re in luck. Thanks to the latest Document Capture update, you can now register documents directly to general journal lines. This means no more invoices or credit memos in the general journal; it’s straight to lines from here on out. 
  • Amount limits for approval flow codes and four-eye approval: if speed is what you’re after, you can rest assured the new amount limits for both approval flow codes and four-eye approval will streamline your approval flow. With the option to involve only the necessary number of people in the approval process and the ability to apply four-eyes approval exclusively to invoices that exceed a set amount, you can expect a slick and simplified approval process.
  • Inclusion of purchase reason codes when exporting the Document Capture setup: this enhancement will have you welcoming new companies with open arms, with easier and faster implementation when setting up multiple companies. 

Expense Management 9.0

Expensing has never been easier thanks to Continia’s Expense Management 9.0

Whether home or away, the Expense Management 9.0 update offers a range of user-friendly updates to make keeping track of employee expenditures easier than ever. Some of the key features you can expect to see in your Continia Business Central app in 2022 include: 

  • Expanded payment options: users can now access more payment options than ever before and have the ability to set up specific payment needs where required. 
  • Field Type improvement: expect a more intuitive and user-friendly experience with enhanced usability then working with configured fields. 
  • Norwegian Per Diem rules: are integrated into Expense Management, making per diem expenses under Norwegian rules simple & quick to process.

Whether home or away, the Expense Management 9.0 update offers a range of user-friendly updates to make keeping track of employee expenditures easier than ever.


Document Output 6.0

Redesign your workflow with Document Output 6.0

With Continia’s Assisted Setup redesign update, users can expect consistency across all solutions. And with tooltips now available directly in the Document Output user interface, you can expect to see contextual information and helpful prompts to aid your understanding and improve functionality.

For more information on planned features for the 2022 R1 Continia On-Premises Update, click here.

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