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Using Spindle Professional can result in significant cost savings - on stationery, postage and staff administration.

By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors and frees up time for more important tasks.

With Spindle Professional's dynamic and flexible software, users can instantly and easily merge information from business applications to produce documents that can be sent by email, fax, print and also archived as PDF files.

For a more professional look, it allows company logos and branding to be added to documents such as letters, statements, invoices, remittances, delivery notes and purchase orders. Users can print directly onto plain paper, so there's no need for expensive pre-printed stationery.

Spindle Professional is also flexible, allowing you to create and mail customers with promotional offers and seasonal messages. The use of digital signatures ensures the security of documents in accordance with legislation in the majority of European countries.

Documents Sent to Print
Documents can be sent to multiple printers simultaneously, with each copy having its own logos and branding. For example, a delivery note can be sent to the warehouse printer for the driver while another copy is printed in the accounts department for book keeping purposes.

Documents Sent via Email
Emailing is the cheapest and fastest way to deliver documents. Emails can be designed using the in-built HTML editor. Any attached PDFs can be branded to the company and contain terms and conditions and a digital signature. Spindle Professional generates PDF files that have been checked and accepted by HM Revenue and Customs as VAT invoices.

Documents Sent via Fax
With Spindle Professional documents can be sent from your applications to your faxing software, without stopping and asking any questions. It supports fax optimised stationery and a wide range of fax solutions, including Microsoft Fax.

Documents Sent to Archive
By electronically storing your documents you can access them instantly. Documents can be stored in multiple locations and then retrieved by any number of users. Spindle Professional can even create a note in your CRM system, such as ACT!, and link it back to the archived document. These documents can even be viewed within the CRM system.

Microsoft Sharepoint Archiving
SharePoint from Microsoft enables you and your colleagues to work more closely together sharing documents, tasks and calendars. Spindle Professional is an invaluable addition to SharePoint, making the software faster and more effective; enabling documents to be collated, archived, automatically indexed and instantly retrieved - making filing effortless.

Authenticate and Protect Documents
Spindle Professional allows you to digitally sign your documents, which certifies the validity of the document and helps protect against identity fraud. Digital signatures give your customers added peace of mind that the document is genuine and can also be used to start a workflow process in your business.

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Client Testimonials

  • "I was instantly impressed by Spindle Professional's efficiency and effectiveness. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone."

    Seb Bishop, Director at Bishop Sports & Leisure