Technical Services

Technical Services

About Our Services

We believe your IT infrastructure is one of the most important aspects of your business. To help you get the most from your IT we have a varied range of services. This includes IT Support helpdesk support, computer maintenance, computer networking, system configuration, IT training and consultancy.

IT moves at an alarming rate, with every year countless new technologies are made readily available that change the way we do business. Are you looking to moving your business into the cloud? If so we can help.


Consultancy and Networking

Whether you have a set of requirements and need guidance on the right technologies to deliver results, or have an IT team with knowledge of the technologies required and need help in implementing them, our network consultants will keep you heading in the right direction.

We pride ourselves on our client-focused development processes and IT project management. The best-fit technical solutions are developed in close consultation with our clients at all stages of the project's evolution.

Once we have helped you engineer your networks from a business angle with end results in focus, we can then assist you to implement your IT strategies with network installation services.

We can help you help you utilise your existing infrastructure to better effect without inflating your investment. This is done through optimising existing network assets/information systems and introducing new technologies where appropriate, such as remote working.

Creative can act as an extension to your own IT department by providing ad hoc IT consultancy services to bridge specialist knowledge gaps in your IT solutions.

Creative's networking and IT consultancy can provide considered technical strategies to help your company get the very best out of your network, whether you are looking to outsource all your IT requirements or compliment your existing in-house IT networking team.

IT Health Check

Many organisations react to business needs by adding new IT equipment to their networks on an ad hoc basis, but this can result in poor network performance, bottlenecks, slow file access, premature hardware failure and security risks from viruses. Just as your car requires a regular service, your network requires a regular Network Health Check to keep delivering optimum performance and productivity.

During your Network Health Check, an engineer will visit your premises and set up various diagnostic tools, which are run over a prescribed timeframe. The engineer will discuss current issues and objectives with you to ensure all relevant data is collected.

Our audit report will detail the facts concerning your network and infrastructure, and lists all identified problems along with recommendations for rectification.

Our IT health checking service audits your network and IT infrastructure to identify any issues that might be present such configuration issues, connectivity issues, overworked hardware, viruses, spyware and adware, security issues and your disaster recovery plans. Based on these results, we'll provide you with recommendations to rectify any problems, returning your equipment to optimum performance.


Setting up a new network, or thinking of expanding your current one? We have over 20 years experience in designing and installing high speed networks for businesses just like yours.

You'll soon have an efficient, up-to-date system running in your workplace. Your installation will be conducted with the utmost professionalism and planned out in advance to minimise disruption to your business. Afterwards, you'll have our IT support technicians on hand, should your system ever need repairs down the line.


Virtualisation has quickly become the most efficient and cost effective method of deploying new IT resources or managing legacy systems. Almost all platforms' now support a virtualized environment. In a virtualized environment, you can obtain a level of higher level of availability and disaster recovery than can be accomplished with traditional server solutions.

We operate a complete virtualisation practice beginning with the requirements analysis, virtual infrastructure design, implementation services, server migration and ongoing monitoring and support.


We currently offer three different levels of technical support.

Bronze Software Support

This is our basic support package and gives your company the following cover:
✓ Unlimited Phone Support
We have a dedicated support phone for registering any software issue you have where the calls are queued in order and all calls are logged in Microsoft Dynamics CRM where they can be tracked by our support engineers.
✓ Unlimited Remote Support
We use the award winning GoToAssist software to connect directly to your server or workstation to diagnose your issue.
✓ Business Hours Support
Our standard support hours are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.30pm
✓ IT Manager
We don't just look after your IT. We want to help you succeed and grow and are there to offer advice and guidance to ensure you are making the most out of the advantages technology provides.

Silver Software Support

This is standard support package that includes all the Bronze support elements but also includes:
✓ Unlimited Onsite Support
If we are unable to resolve your software issue either on the phone or using remote support then we will attend your offices free of charge to fix your issue.
✓ Quarterly Health Check Reviews
A part of every standard support contract we supply a quarterly visit to check your equipment to make sure we can advise on potential future issues.

Gold Software Support

This is premier support package that includes all the Silver support elements but also includes:
✓ Monthly Pro Active On Site Visit
Our pro-active onsite visits go through a thorough system checklist, helping us to make sure your system's issues are identified before they become problems. Every visit is followed by a status report giving you a record of work carried out and areas that could be improved, ensuring that your office is kept running smoothly and efficiently.