New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Releases October 2016

New Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Releases October 2016

Microsoft has announced the general availability of the next release of Microsoft Dynamics NAV which will be released on 24th October 2016 called Dynamics NAV 2017. Microsoft’s focus has been to deliver a solution ready to tackle the new digital age with closer integration to other core Microsoft products such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM and Power BI whilst adding extra functionality to the finance, jobs and inventory areas of the system and making the application simpler to setup and use.

Here’s just a few of the new features which can be found in the new version:

In Office 365 experience

Stay connected with all the parts of your business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is directly linked to Office 365, which means companies can easily review, analyse, and share data with relevant colleagues in their organisation. They can navigate effortlessly between their Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and their Office tools – for example, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Bookings, or Microsoft Excel.


Work with ready-to-use financials statements and gain accessible insights into the financial performance of your business. The new default Account Schedules means that no setup is required, making it quick and intuitive to produce the financial reports that you need, and point-in-time reporting means you can view the financial state of your business for any given time. Reporting is also made easier with the new Account Categories that provide structure to your chart of accounts.


Working with Jobs is now more straightforward, helping your company manage projects more easily and get more visibility into the details, set up jobs and quickly access common tasks, new charts, and a new My Jobs list using the updated Project Manager role centre.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 continues to streamline your CRM experience and enhance the process of integrating to CRM online.

Use a new wizard to guide you through the setup process, which enables seamless coupling of Microsoft Dynamics CRM records with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 207 records. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Integration Solution on the CRM side is automatically deployed through the wizard.


Organise and classify your products the way you want, performing advanced searches on your catalogue in just a few clicks and displaying only the information you need. You can create custom item attributes and assign an item attribute value, according to your business needs, helping you manage items or sales documents.


Make it easier for your customers to pay your invoices online by including hyperlinks to payment services, such as PayPal. Even provide PayPal Standards payment links in invoices, supporting multiple ways of accepting payments, including credit cards and PayPal accounts’.

You can continue to make use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to help you track the items that you get in. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 now enables you to extract the lines of an invoice and you can visually verify the information, training the OCR system online, using the Lexmark invoice capture service.

User Experience

Continuing the significant improvements to simplicity, productivity, and performance, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 enhances your experience further.

Users can accomplish even more in their browser based interface. For example, switch views to see identify their list of records, including seeing picture thumbnails in different sizes, and use wizards to learn new concepts or simplify data entry. In the Web Client, users can also now use popular shortcuts; for example, press Escape to instantly exit a page, of F5 to refresh the latest data in their browser, without fully reloading the page.

Setup and configuration

Get up and running faster. Save time and avoid unnecessary manual tasks with the assisted setup wizard that helps your company import data, setup integration with Office 365, and enjoy a simplified setup experience, with predefined setup data and limited customer interaction.

Use the assisted setup feature to guide you through setup scenarios – simplifying and streamlining your tasks. For example, follow wizards to setup workflow for approvals, setting up new fiscal years or email connectivity.

Cortana Intelligence

Built-in Cortana Intelligence takes advantage of historical data and improves your insights into your predicted sales, helping you manage your stock and respond to your customers. Based on the forecast, the Sales and Inventory extension helps you create replenishment requests for vendors, saving you time.

You can be confident that you are working with the best predictions, because the system uses different machine learning algorithms and compares the results, returning the predictions with the highest quality.

Embedded Power BI

Continuing the powerful integration, companies can now use embedded Power BI to easily create insightful charts and reports, and then make them available within their Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 role centre.

PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2017 includes an entirely new integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance and immediately have access to business performance insights into your business. The app is designed specifically for small and mid-sized business owners, managers, and executives to provide details about customers, sales and finance. The dashboard and reports are built on top of a fully featured model, allowing you to explore and analyse your data as you need. And automatic refresh ensures you’re always seeing the latest data.


Modify your Microsoft Dynamics NAV without directly the source resources, making it easier to deploy, manage, and upgrade customisations or extensions. You can install or uninstall extensions easily using the Extension Management page and quickly choose the extensions you want using the easily-recognisable logos.

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