Cut Invoice Processing Time By Up To 75%

Cut Invoice Processing Time By Up To 75%

continia document capture

Have you had enough of manual data inputting?

Let us capture your incoming documents, like your supplier invoices for example. These invoices and other documents are analysed and data is read from the scanned image automatically. Our Document Capture software from Continia uses previously defined document templates to put the data into the correct fields in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. New templates are generated on the fly and you can easily change templates by highlighting text on the scanned image and linking it to the correct fields.

Continia Document Capture includes an advanced set of feature for matching purchase invoices with existing purchase orders. This means that you can run a thorough PO process, whilst allowing the capture process to automate the whole next stage of invoice production.

The time saving capabilities of this software are clearly evident, whilst also ensuring greater accuracy in the order to invoice process.

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