Mobility Drives The Cloud

Mobility Drives The Cloud

There has been a great push from IT companies over the last ten years for Cloud Computing. How is Cloud computing defined? What are the benefits? Why would anyone want Cloud computing?

There are hundreds of questions, just like these that have floated around the business community for the last decade.

A big and clear message from Microsoft at their Future Decoded Event at the ExCel Centre this week, is that they realise now that the drive for the Cloud must be based on the mobility of their customers, rather than just pushing the Cloud and then leaving the mobile world to follow.

What does this mean? It means that everyone and anyone in business now, is using Tablets, Surfaces, and Smart phones to run their organisations. Therefore the technology and software providers have to make their operational and business critical software as follows:
• Available to a multitude of mobile platforms
• Easy to install on a Smart type device
• Easy to use
• Offer functionality that is line with and not inferior to their ‘PC Product’
• Support for the applications on these devices
• Slick Update process
• Scalable and flexible to suit their market

Get this right and the Cloud serves its purpose. Its mobility purpose. This is Cloud, not just for Clouds sake, but because it enables mobility and a modern, flexible way of working.