Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Released

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 Released

Unsurprisingly, Dynamics NAV 2015 is the most feature-packed version of the software yet.

Dynamics NAV for Tablets

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets, you get the familiar Dynamics NAV experience in a fresh and modern interface designed for touch.
Make smart decisions based on the latest business data and get real work done after hours, at home or on the go with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Tablets. This is the perfect companion for service engineers, sales field organizations, executives and decision-makers, or anyone in your company who wants access to Dynamics NAV from a touch enabled mobile device. Get visibility into every angle of your business using the Role Center. Tap to drill into details about your customers, vendors, inventory, or any other data from Dynamics NAV. Quickly create invoices and quotes, and email them with just a few taps.

New Cash Management Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has several new cash management enhancements:
- "Simple and Uniform Bank Integration"
With the new Bank Data Conversion Service Feature, users get electronic bank statement files converted into data that can be imported into Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 supports electronic bank files of major banks in over 25 countries.
- "Fast and Reliable Incoming/Outgoing Bank Payments"
The Payment Reconciliation Journals enables users to import bank transaction data into a dedicated UI (User Interface) and automatically apply to pen entries representing customer and vendor documents. The features include advance record matching, strong review tools and the possibility to freely define the payment match tolerance and to modify the generic matching algorithm.
- "Control Electronic Payments Better"
Improvements in the Payment Journal and the Credit Transfer Registers enable user to better manage the payment creation and export process to track payment history. Users that do not want to post payments until they have actually been processed at the bank can more efficiently control which open vendor documents to pay and avoid paying vendors wrongly or paying duplicate amounts.

Report Scheduling

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, you can schedule any report to run on the server, now or schedule later. Reports will be delivered in an inbox in your Role Centre.

Word Reports

Microsoft Word is now a layout edition option for document reports. A single report can now have many different layouts either RDLC (Report Document Language), Word, or both.

Updated User Experience

With an even more intuitive RoleTailored user interface, Dynamics NAV 2015 helps you by making data entry on pages faster by showing mandatory input fields. Faster processing by automatically filling in document numbers. Easier review of documents such as orders, invoices, and credit memos by hiding totals shown on the page. Increase productivity by only showing what is relevant to the user, depending on user permission sets and license.


Dynamics NAV 2015 has a simpler user experience which focuses on basic sales and purchase scenarios. Simplification is a result of a set of approximately 100 objects, including 60+ pages that have been simplified plus one new RoleCenter from smaller businesses.

Enhanced Office 365 Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a direct connection with Office 365, which enables customers to drill down, analyze, share and collaborate with peers. And with new usability enhancements that make their solution easier and more familiar to use, NAV with Office 365 works seamlessly and effortlessly across all applications.

You can see some examples of how Microsoft has enhanced Microsoft Dynamics NAV over the years to make it simpler, smarter, and more innovative than ever before by visiting the following link -

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