Spindle Professional V6 Released

Spindle Professional V6 Released

Spindle is an award winning document management software package that uses a print driver to automatically deliver your companies documents by a variety of methods (primarily email). It can archive documents via SharePoint or to a network directory. This is a fantastic feature and assists business by making all documents available to employees.

Spindle has proven to be a popular add-on for the majority of Creative's customers due to its efficiency and return on investment. Customers tell us they get their investment back after purchasing Spindle in a matter of a few months.

Spindle Version 6's new features are:
- PDF Password Protection: for secure delivery of documents containing sensitive information
- SharePoint Online Integration
- Office 365 Connector: as more and more companies are looking to move to the Cloud and this connector allows delivery of your documents via Spindle from the Cloud.

Additionally, there is no price increase with the launch of Spindle Version 6.

If you are looking for an automated document delivery and archiving solution then there is nothing better than Spindle Version 6. Please contact us for further information and to arrange a demonstration.