Autodata Looks To The Cloud

Autodata Looks To The Cloud

Autodata are a long-standing customer of Creative. After their business was restructured during the early part of 2014 Autodata began to look at their internal systems - in particular their financial system.

Although Autodata had been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for some time they realised (due to changes in their business model) that they could get more from the software. Autodata also wanted to research whether a Software as a Service (SaaS) hosted option worked for them.

After analysing Autodata's needs again, Creative demonstrated a NAV setup that would integrate their finances, removing manual data input, provide routines for consolidation and deferred revenue. Incorporate timesheet data entry via the web. Autodata were impressed with solution Creative presented to them and with the pricing structure for NAV in the Cloud (SaaS).

Implementation of the project has started and Autodata will go-live in the near future.

As this is Creative's first venture into SaaS with Dynamics NAV this is clearly a very exciting project for us, hopefully the first of many similar.