Continia - Document Output

Ride the tide of documents with Continia Document Output.

Below is just some of the features found in the current version of Continia Document Capture.

Email Templates

Before you start using Continia Document Output, the email templates should be installed that will be used for sending various types of documents by email. Templates are designed according to document type and language.

It is very easy to design a template when using an Outlook client for this purpose. This way, you can freely enter in company logos and campaign banners together with written messages, and attach files in the form of campaigns or delivery terms.

You also have the option of using merge fields to automatically fill in information such as the sender's name, customer's name, email, and so on.

You can use all table data from NAV for selecting merge fields. Standard templates are then attached with text and merge fields for the most used document types, which can be customized to your own profile.

No More Editing In Reports

When you setup new email templates, you need only select the report that you want to use. It isn't necessary to edit the report in order to send it, thereby saving you considerable time and money.


The versatile configuration of recipients makes it possible to choose precisely which people will receive which documents and reports. For example, you may choose to send everything to one general email, or to a company's primary contact person. You may also choose to send a certain type of document to multiple people. This would be the case, for example, when all sales invoices and credit notes, account statements, etc. might need to be sent to everyone at a given customer's accounts department.

If there are no recipients defined, the report will instead print out for regular mail.

Clear Mailing Overviews

For the document types that need it, you'll be surprised by the special windows that can use filters to discover the right recipients without you having to take any further action. For example, a clear overview of a debtor's due dates ready for mass mailing of reminders or account statements.

Delivery Notes, Credit Notes, Reminders, Interest Notes, and Sales Invoices

When sending one of the above document types, the first order of business is to open an overview in Continia Document Output, which will show all unsent documents. The overview indicates who is to receive documents via email and who requires them in paper form. From there, you can choose whether to process all documents or selected documents—all at once. After sending, the documents are marked as sent and disappear from the overview. You can also configure NAV to automatically send and print out all of these documents at defined intervals—once per day, for example.

Account Statements

When sending an account statement, you will first need to open an overview of all debtors, with a range of criteria for whom you would like to send to. This might be activity during the period, balances, or amounts due. This normally uses pre-set criteria, so all that you need to do is to look through the overview of recipients and then begin sending.

When sending account statements, the email will also contain a compressed file with all sales invoices, etc. that are dealt with on the account statement. This way, you don't have to retrieve and send invoices if the recipient is unable to find their copy.

Offers And Order Confirmations

When an employee has prepared an offer in NAV and is ready to send it to a customer, they need only click "Email." Continia Document Output will then open a pre-filled email with, for example, offer number, general text, and with the offer attached in PDF format. The employee will then be able to add any comments to the message before finally sending the email.

Tracking Emails

Not all emails will be based on a specific report, but instead e-mails will only be sent with information from NAV. One of the standard templates included in Continia Document Output is for tracking. These emails can be sent automatically based on logged deliveries containing tracking numbers. The recipient will then receive an email that includes a link to the carrier's website where they can track the delivery status.

Everything Is Logged

All activities are logged when using Continia Document Output. So if, for example, a customer asks for an invoice, it's easy to see when it was sent, to whom, and its appearance.

Make Your Own Email Templates

If you use other reports that you would like to distribute, it's easy to create new email templates where you can set which report is to be used. With Continia Document Output, this is performed as a clean installation and without the need for programming.