Continia - Document Capture

The best and most comprehensive solution for the scanning of invoices and other documents.

Below is just some of the features found in the current version of Continia Document Capture.

Scanning Documents

Scanning documents is simple with Document Capture. You can use a local desktop scanner or you can use existing network scanner (MFP). If you have multiple physical locations you just scan documents in each location, which will send to an e-mail address, where Document Capture picks them up and put them directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Processing PDF Documents

It is becoming more and more common to receive purchase invoices and other document types in PDF. Using Continia Document Capture these PDF files are downloaded automatically from a predefined e-mail address or folder on a file server. As one of the few, Document Capture can also extract data from locked PDF files so you avoid the hassle of printing and rescanning them.

Award Winning OCR Technology

Continia Document Capture is using Award Winning OCR Technology from ABBYY, so you can benefit from extremely high recognition accuracy compared to other solutions. They recognise barcodes on documents and you can use them as field values or to link documents to records automatically in NAV. We also support more than 180 languages and dialects, which are all included in the base price of Document Capture.

Document Analysis

Continia Document Capture's analysis engine enables you to register fields and values from documents based on pre-defined templates and labels. You can optimise the templates to include specific validation rules and formatting requirements. This ensures that registered information is in accordance with the rules and standards in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV system. You can choose to recognise only the header information or to recognise and register all the invoice lines as well.

10,000 Pages Per Month

When you buy Continia Document Capture you automatically get a licence that allows you to process 10,000 OCR pages per month. That means 120,000 pages per year, which is enough for most companies. However, you can still purchase additional pages if you need it.

Purchase Invoices and Approval

By using the approval functionality, which is already part of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, approvers will receive an email notification when an invoice requires their attention. The system will wait for approvers to approve the invoices and then released it for accounting and payment. The approval process is executed directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or online via a web browser. Upon approval, the approvers can see a copy of the original invoice on screen and either accept, reject, put it on hold or forward the invoice to another person in the company, if it requires his attention. Using Continia Document Capture the accounts payable department always have a fully updated overview of all invoices pending approval. They can easily see who the current approver is and they will get the right tools to speed up the overall invoice approval process.

Approval Workflows

With Continia Document Capture there are several ways to determine who should approve a specific purchase invoice. Either the system can pick the purchaser specified on the vendor card or you can recognize the person directly of the incoming invoice. You can also specific the person manually on the invoice when it comes in. Ones the first approvers has been identified the invoice will automatically be sent to this person. If the total value of the invoice is higher than his approved limit, then it is automatically sent to his manager after his approval, ensuring that the invoices have the right approvals before being sent for payment. As an alternative, you can create predefined flows of specific approvers who need to approve specific invoice. You can also use our advanced approval module so the system determines the approvers based on dimensions on each line. So, some approvers can approve for one dimensions value and others for another dimension value.

Matching Purchase Orders

Continia Document Capture includes an advanced set of feature for matching purchase invoices with existing purchase orders. Matching can be manual or be configured to be performed automatically on a header level, or on a line-by-line level. You can also set up thresholds to accept smaller differences in cost prices.

Purchase Allocations

As part of the approval process an approver may choose to allocate the invoices to a specific dimensions value or maybe split the cost to two different G/L Accounts. Therefore approvals are done on un-posted documents. However, you still have the option to post an interim Purchase Allocation to the G/L, so that it reflects the total amount of invoices that are awaiting approval and not yet posted.

Drag And Drop

Using drag-and-drop you can attach backup documentation such as files directly to the purchase invoice from the NAV client or from the Web Portal. This means that all approvers will always have access to the original invoice received from the vendor, but also access to any backup documentation that have been attached to the invoice. However, you are not limited to using Drag-and-Drop on only purchase invoice. In fact, you can use the Drag-and-Drop on any record in NAV and thereby easily attached any type of document to any NAV record.

Free Text Search

All PDF-documents are fully indexed in NAV, which makes it possible to do a full text search through all document data–not just the data which is captured and used in NAV fields. For example, you could search for a specific reference number, item number or serial number.

Management Of All Document Types

You can do so much more than just handle purchase invoices with Document Capture. For example, if you receive orders from many customers via email in a PDF document, you have the option of registering sales orders in the same way as a purchase invoice. And what about other business critical documents that are stored away in physical archives, such as distribution agreements, order confirmations, contracts, agreements, certificates and letters? Using highly configurable templates, you can define new document types and fields that are relevant to your business.