What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is using the Internet to deliver hardware and software services instead of keeping physical hardware and software at your office.

Why should companies use Cloud Computing?

There are six major reasons why companies use cloud services.

1. Maintaining Focus on the Business

Businesses are realizing that running an IT department is not their core competency, they are better manufacturers, distributors or retailers. Buying cloud services, either in the form of a single application like Office 365 or their entire datacenter is often more cost effective, more reliable and lets them reallocate their limited resources to growing their business.

2.Business Agility

Businesses with significant technology investments can find themselves unable to take advantage of shifts in the market or respond to competitive pressures because the capital, people or time are not available in the measure needed to react. Cloud services remove these barriers, allowing businesses to continually adapt their technology needs to their business without the costs that would normally have to be considered with an onsite datacenter.

3.Reduced Capital Expenditures

Large capital investments can be minimised or eliminated altogether in favor of small monthly payments. Capital can be protected as keeping capital and operational expenses to a minimum can be very important to small and medium businesses alike.


Businesses that have peak seasons or different seasonal staffing demands can benefit from cloud services by letting them temporarily scale up more capacity for the seasonal business peaks, without purchasing the hardware or software that would otherwise go unused during the slower times of the year.

5. Access from Anywhere

Access to your applications and data is available to authorised users anywhere there is Internet access.

6. Staffing Efficiency

Cloud services can help you maintain an efficient technology staff, outsourcing key technical specialisations or technology staff as it makes sense for your business.